Maria Ciuca, Coach for Brilliance

Maria Ciuca, Coach for Brilliance

Master in personal and executive coaching 2019

Licensed in philosophy and law, with experience in creating and maintaining projects as freelance and small business owner.
Since 2018, oriented to human and social support. Now she works as a social educator and mediator in a center for migrant adolescents.

She attended the Coaches Rising «Become a Transformative Presence» course in 2020, where she has the privilege of training a transformative conscious presence, as part of an international coaches community and with great teachers like Jim Dethmer, Nicholas Janni, Scilla Elworthy, David Whyte, John J. Prendergast, Thomas Hübl among others.

Coaching for Brilliance
Maria’s experience includes:
Gifted and talented persons
Intercultural context
Gender sensitive topics
Vital situations and deep wounds

In your language:
English, Spanish, Catalan, Romanian

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Emo-Smart Project

Brings the great energy of emotional management to strengthen your team, your mission, your projects. Emotional intelligence at the workplace.

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Juan Madero

Team coach passionate about emotional intelligence and team motivation.

Maria Ciuca
Emo-sustainable coach specialized in interculturality and diversity, with leadership training, team management, gender sensitive perspective.

Rural Coaching Project

Discover the great transforming power of coaching, a way to grow both personally and professionally, in idyllic surroundings: the medieval village of Rupit (Vic, Catalunya).

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