The Collaborative Intelligence is the future that interweaves emotional intelligence and social intelligence. In Mirada Abierta we dedicate ourselves to making it present.

How do we do it?

The philosophy on which my coaching method is based is:

Sistemic: your coaching process is integrated into your world and the systems that you belong to.

Integral: your coaching process is a change that reverberates over all aspects of your life.

Transformational: Your coaching process is not simply a path you will follow to arrive at a result. It is becoming the person who holds this result.

Co-creative: together we create a safe, sustained, free space in which you can explore and experience your reality, your dreams, your options and your ways.

My perspective is:

Intercultural: ensuring the inclusion and integration of the specificity of your culture.

Gender sensitive: attentive and sensitive to different values, beliefs, expectations that can be generated by gender roles.

Curious: I value your human wealth and I accompany you from complete acceptance, respect and affection.

Creative: the paths you always chose will take you to the results you always had. We use creativity to open new paths.

Emotionally intelligent: I integrate eco-emotional management in coaching at all times.

Harmony: Think – Feel – Act