Personal transformational coaching is a support process that has to lead to a result.

Coaching is based on conversation, but it is not simply a conversation.


It’s personal training.

Requires time, perseverance and commitment.


So you get to Take Decisions. Well taken.

And fully occupy the space of the person you want to be.

You’ll train:

Defining your goals, your challenges

Your creativity and curiosity

Your time management and organization

Your presence, your attention

Your emotional intelligence

Being with yourself, supporting yourself with love and care

You’ll explore your world

And you will design another map, you will be able to experience other paths, you will change your focus and perspective.

It’s a different trip, that has very intense moments and that surprises.

Always keeping in mind to..

Simplify, within complexity

Change focus: Zoom in – Zoom out

Integrate diversity

Search for patterns

Connect, collaborate, co-create.

Learn to be free.