Act conscious. Decide with responsability, not reactivity. Own yourself. Be excellent, not exigent.

The philosophy Mirada Abierta coaching method is based on is:

Sistemic: your coaching process is integrated into your world and the systems that you belong to.

Integral: your coaching process is a change that reverberates over all aspects of your life.

Transformational: Your coaching process is not simply a path you will follow to arrive at a result. It is becoming the person who holds this result.

Co-creative: together we create a safe, sustained, free space in which you can explore and experience your reality, your dreams, your options and your ways.

Our perspective is:

Intercultural: ensuring the inclusion and integration of the specificity of your culture.

Gender sensitive: attentive and sensitive to different values, beliefs, expectations that can be generated by gender roles.

Curious: I value your human wealth and I accompany you from complete acceptance, respect and affection.

Creative: the paths you always chose will take you to the results you always had. We use creativity to open new paths.

Emotionally intelligent: I integrate eco-emotional management in coaching at all times.

Harmony: Think – Feel – Act

Coaching for brilliance?

Is personal training.

Requires time, perseverance and commitment.

Requires your openess to feel more, explore deep places inside you, discover and integrate the fragments in your life that hurt or are uncomfortable, so you can be in harmony with yourself.

So you get to Take Decisions. Well taken.

And fully occupy the space of the person you want to be.

Do you need 1:1 coaching for brilliance process?

Get in touch with us by email at or by phone (if needed add your international access code and Spain access code 34) 642643046.

1:1 coaching is based on an open and very personal connection between coach and client.

Free first session: is an encounter in which we create the personal open space for working together and when you decide if our connection meets your needs.

The following sessions are tailor made: there is no required minimum, although the processes that involve deep change last between 5 and 10 sessions. Depending on what you wish to work on and how deep you wish to go, 15 sessions would be more effective.

We can set the number of sessions beforehand or we can go step by step. You can finish the process before reaching the estimated number of sessions, if you feel you have fully reached the result you were looking for.

The frequency of the sessions: we recommend one session every 2 weeks. If you prefer, it can be weekly.

After finishing the coaching process, you can have one more free follow up session, if you need it. We recommend that it would be after 1 – 2 months so you can better value the impact that coaching for brilliance has in your life.

You’ll train:

Defining your goals, your challenges

Your creativity and curiosity

Your time management and organization

Your presence, your attention

Your emotional intelligence

Being with yourself, supporting yourself with love and care

You’ll explore your world

And you will design another map, you will be able to experience other paths, you will change your focus and perspective.

It’s a different trip, that has very intense moments and that surprises.

Always keeping in mind to..

Simplify, within complexity

Change focus: Zoom in – Zoom out

Integrate diversity

Search for patterns

Connect, collaborate, co-create.

Learn to be free.