An open perspective, based on curiosity, about how you are and how the world around you is shaped.

Sensitive to your singularity and the diversity that enrich you.

A perspective without judgement, which looks towards the future. Towards your future, as you want to see it.

Coaching for Brilliance in your language

Coaching processes and individual trainings in

English, Spanish, Catalan

Tailor made solutions for individuals and businesses

At Mirada Abierta we create a secure and flexible connection space, in which you can freely explore to find the answers you are looking for.


Hi, I am Maria.

Shall we look at what challenges you to find solutions? There is a wealth of roads that can take you there, but you do not find them alone, and I can not find them for you.

But together, collaborating and broadening horizons and changing perspectives, we create an open space to connect, grow and walk your way with a a sense of safety.